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Newton Neighbor's Drive for Five! (1).png

Drive for Five for the Newton Community Freedge is back!

With the help of our generous neighbors, our previous Drive for Five initiatives have been such a success that we’re repeating them this year. Check your pantry, ask a neighbor, pick something up next time you go to the store! Help us stock the Freedge with these five high-demand items:

  1. Individually wrapped snacks (any kind of snack, granola bars, cereal bars or protein bars, goldfish, pretzels, etc.)

  2. Pasta and sauce

  3. Dried beans or rice (chickpeas, black beans, wild rice, etc.)

  4. Cooking oil

  5. Soaps (hand soap, body wash, shampoo, conditioner, etc.)

Drop off donations from Tuesday, January 31 - Thursday, February 9, at the following addresses:

To learn more about the free 24-hour community refrigerator and pantry at 420 Watertown Street in Nonantum, join the Newton Community Freedge Facebook group.

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