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Information on Board Member Recruitment

We are currently recruiting for new Board members to join the Newton Neighbors Board of Directors.  


Right now, we have a dynamic group of seven Board members, all of whom have been involved in Newton Neighbors in various capacities since 2020.  We are seeking up to three new Board members with new ideas and ways to contribute to our organization.  Many of you have contributed to our work at Newton Neighbors, in big and small ways, over the last three years, and we are so grateful.  There is an opportunity for you to help advance the vision and mission of Newton Neighbors.


Our goal is to bring on new Board members by January 2024.  We are specifically seeking a Treasurer, as well as other individuals who are motivated to make a difference through service.

Please find more specific information about our Board position and information on how to apply below.  We are requesting that applications be sent by October 27, 2023.  We will review each on a rolling basis.

The Chair of the Board would be happy to speak with any applicant to answer any questions you might have about our Board or the process.  Feel free to reach out at

Document links:

1. Our Memorandum of Understanding, (pdf) which outlines the expectations for our board members.

2. The Board Member Job Description, (pdf) which covers the specific skills and experience that we are looking for in a candidate.

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